Niki Rhodes getting pounded at creamedbabysitters!


Niki Rhodes is a cute redhead who is a little shy. Nikki Rhodes is in her dorm room because she has no classes the whole day. Niki Rhodes is bored, but can’t seem to figure out what she can do to kill time. Niki Rhodes decides to get online, and start watching some porn. Before she knows it Niki Rhodes is laying back on her bed with her legs spread open and her underwear shifted to one side, and she is shoving her vibrator into her pussy and occasionally rubbing it on her clit. Niki Rhodes is so horny she starts shaking from orgasms. She then cums all over herself, and the floor. Niki Rhodes hears a knock on the door, and its her residence counselor asking her if everything was alright. She invites him, and she lays back down on the bed, this time she is on her stomach. She then inches herself towards him, and pulls out his hard cock. If you want to see what else this shy college student does to her residence counselor then you must join her on creamedbabysitters.


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